character Mike Weller

January 13, 2008

character Mike Weller

KDC Lifestyle Monthly (Kid Doctor Clinic’s new glossy monthly published by EarthCo Communications sold at supermarkets and airports) did a story on how Mike’s Alteration to the New Reality changed him from underclass benefits claimant into successful middle-Englander, Man of Kent, and Christian Democrat author, artist and poet of four decades with retirement in mind


character the Great Mortido

November 7, 2007


The Man-With-Blanked-Out-Eyes (M’wboe) emerged from the motor vehicle. He was Scourge and Michaeal Spearate and the Duke of Hell and the Great Mortido. All in one. He wore comic book horns like a cartoon devil. The face masque he wore to cover his holes-for-eyes was a pantomime caricature of George W. Bush.

M’wboe removed the masque and handed it to Choat. Scourge passed Luggan a can of spray paint. ‘Leave the Duke’s image on roads and walls and bridges and rubbish skips of this so-called Dreamtime Reality.’

character Duke Valentine

September 4, 2007


Duke Valentine, dressed in white sharkskin suit, black shirt and white tie with aviator shades was in fact none other than Sir Michaeal Spearate, the Duke of Hell itself.

character Spearate

August 13, 2007


Spearate and his legions of monsters, devils and demons.

character the Satanic Whisperer

August 13, 2007


Spearate was changing into the Whisperer. His colour changed. His shape changed.

character G’wboe

August 13, 2007


From the shadows of the basement she appeared. Pugh opened his heart to her. The Mistress from Dis. His heart was enough to manifest her presence.

character the Duchess of Hell

August 13, 2007


By the time the automobile was speeding down Addingcombe Road – M’wboe, the Man-With-Blanked-Out-Eyes and G’wboe, the Girl (or Woman)-With-Blanked-Out-Eyes became one twin-headed entity. The Duke and Duchess of Hell.

character Sir Michaeal Spearate

August 13, 2007


Sir Michaeal Spearate thrived off the bitterness of his banes.

character M’wboe

August 9, 2007


‘Mister M’wboe,’ Glenford Gates pleaded. ‘It ain’t me. It ain’t my blade posse or fork girls to blame. My brothers and sisters are keeping an eye on your limo outside the block now. They can spot Filth. If Mister Scourge is keeping the council quiet, why so much F-Filth about?’ the youth stammered.

character the Duke of Hell

August 8, 2007


‘This is the crap I have to listen to. It is no way to treat Sir Michaeal. Wasn’t like this in the old days. I am smelling Filth to the left of me. Filth to the right. Why all this Filth in the manor when I pay good money. Now Gates, why cash flow problems?’